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eZone, Inc. Commerce Policies

By initiating an order, and communicating with eZone, Inc. in any manner, you are bound by the policies set forth by this policy page.

Sales Payment Shipping Return Mailing ListJurisdiction

Sales Policy

Welcome to Refurb Madness, an eZone, Inc. website. After you order, you will receive a confirmation email. A second email with your order number and order total with shipping and payment verification will follow. Your receipt will arrive with the order.

If you have a next day shipping situation, we recommend that you call 815/968-1108 to speak to a salesperson. If there is a mistake on the receipt, you must call 815/968-1108 or fax 815/968-1187 within 24 hours of receipt to change it before shipout. Afterwards, you must call for an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). By authorizing the transmission of this order by phone, email or site, you are stating that you will abide by the policies of eZone, Inc. $5.00 is added to your order for packaging and handling for every box larger than 18X18X18. Credit card authorizations, purchase orders, money orders and checks will be made to eZone, Inc., 226 7th Street, Rockford, IL 61104.

2 for 1 sales
A "2 for 1" or "Buy (any amount), Get (any amount) Free (or at any discount)" type of sale means that in any multiple the free software will be of equal or lesser value within the order as a whole and the choice of the free software title completely at the discretion of eZone, Inc.

All items on eZone, Inc.'s web sites are marked with a letter code.
Below are the definitions for these codes:

Product Code Description
New item. These items are new and sealed in the original manufacturer container. Items may have flawed packaging. (We sell that as we receive them. Full manufacturer warranty applies.
Factory Refurbished item. These items are refurbished by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that these are used/returned units and MAY have some scratches and blemishes and that's why they are priced the way they are. We guarantee the units to be working, it's a D/O/A (Dead on Arrival) warranty. If it is damaged in shipping, you must tell eZone immediately. Unlikely operational problems would be handled by the Authorized repair center for the manufacturer under the warranty. Usually a 90 day to one year manufacturer's warranty applies to these items. All sales are final.
eZone/ Refurb Madness or 3rd Party refurbished item. Keep in mind that these are used/returned units and MAY have some scratches and blemishes and that's why they are priced the way they are. We guarantee the units to be working, it's a D/O/A (Dead on Arrival) warranty. All sales are final. Usually a 30 day eZone, Inc. warranty applies to these items.
or P
Used or pulled item. These items are evaluated, cleaned and tested by eZone, Inc. Keep in mind that these are used/returned units and MAY have some scratches and blemishes and that's why they are priced the way they are. We guarantee the units to be working, it's a D/O/A (Dead on Arrival) warranty.All sales are final. A 30 day warranty applies.
Open box item. These items have been opened. All original items are included. All sales are final. Full manufacturer's warranty applies.
Lifetime warranty. These items carry a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
Manufacturer Service Parts. These items are not backed by the manufacturer. eZone, Inc. guarantees them for 30 days for exchange only, if in stock. Service parts are almost always new and unopened. Used parts are marked "U" for used.
This product's warranty; in years.
No RMA will be issued for these products. Sale is final.

Sales Payment Shipping Return Mailing ListJurisdiction

Payment Policy:

All products shall be paid for by American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa cards, cash, money order and cashier's check. Wire transfers, purchase orders, personal and company checks are accepted by permission. All fees for sending and receiving wire transfers shall be paid by the customer. Orders over $1000.00 paid by credit, debit or charge card are subject to a 2% authorization charge. CODs are by permission and are subject to the additional fees charged by the shipping agent.

Sales Payment Shipping Return Mailing ListJurisdiction

Shipping Policy:

All products shipped to customers from eZone, Inc. shall have shipping paid by customers. For international orders, all tariffs, customs fees, duties or any other shipping costs are to be paid by the customer. In a case of a free shipping offer, the free shipping method is at eZone, Inc.'s sole discretion and is only for shipments made to the continental United States of America and Canada. State sales tax will be charged or not charged according to the billing address of the customer regardless of shipping destination.

When there is a free shipping offer it is assumed by eZone, Inc. that the free shipping is the least expensive ground shipping available. The customer is expected to pay for another type of shipping. In a case where an individual item or genre of items and additional items are ordered at the same time, it is eZone, Inc.'s discretion to: a.) charge no additional shipping for the extra item (in cases where light or small items such as a cable or adapter are ordered that we feel will not affect the actual shipping charges, ) b.) charging the difference between the price of shipping the monitor and the total price of shipping (in cases where the items may fit in the box but adds significantly to the weight of the box) c.) charging shipping for other items because they go into another box (in cases where a CPU and monitor is ordered, the customer would pay for shipping the CPU because it is in another box but receive the monitor at no shipping cost because it is on a free shipping special). We endeavor to charge the least possible for shipping.


Sales Payment Shipping Return Mailing ListJurisdiction

Return Policy:

Before a product is allowed to be returned, eZone, Inc. will be allowed an opportunity to support the item and the customer to the best of their abilities.

All products returned to eZone, Inc. must follow these specific procedures:

Qualifying Products

Products purchased from eZone, Inc. must request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within 15 days from customer's receipt of the products. The receipt date is the date of delivery on the shipper's tracking information. Items with a RMA number must be returned to eZone, Inc. for credit or replacement within 15 days of receipt of RMA. Items damaged in shipping are allowed same product replacement or refund, depending upon stock availablilty. eZone, Inc. must be notified of products damaged in shipping within three business days from receipt of the product in order to receive an RMA. The receipt date is the date of delivery on the shipper's tracking information.

Non-qualifying Products

  • Products not in manufacturer's original packaging or original packaging is damaged.

  • Products not purchased from eZone, Inc.

  • Products not having a RMA number requested from eZone, Inc. within 15 days of customer's reception of the product.

  • Products not returned to eZone, Inc. within 15 days of customer's reception of the RMA number.

  • Products damaged during shipping where eZone, Inc. was not notified of damage within 3 business days.

  • Some special order products (These products will have a product code
    of X clearly displayed).

Procedure for RMA Request

1. First contact eZone, Inc. to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number within 15 days of receipt of products. The receipt date is the date of delivery on the shipper's tracking information. This must be done prior to returning any products.

2. Please include the following information when emailing your RMA request:

  • Your invoice number

  • A description of the item to be returned and item serial number.
    (Do not open factory sealed packages in order to obtain serial number. If the item to be returned is factory sealed, indicate this within the RMA request form.)

  • The quantity to be returned

  • Product condition: opened or factory sealed

  • Reason for return

  • Action requested of eZone, Inc.; replacement, exchange, or credit for product.

3. After processing the above information, eZone, Inc. will, if the request is approved, issue a RMA number to you.

  • An RMA is valid for fifteen business days from date of issuance.
    eZone, Inc. must receive the product by the end of that time period.

  • Only products listed on the RMA may be returned.
    Other products will be rejected and returned to you at your expense.


  • Place the RMA # on the shipping label
    and any correspondence addressed to eZone, Inc.

  • Address the label: (Packages without a RMA # will be refused!)

RMA #(insert the number)
eZone, Inc.
226 7th Street, Rockford, IL 61104
Rockford, IL 61101
If you would prefer to print a label from our website, click here. 

Return Freight Charges

Return freight charges for unwanted or misordered merchandise are the responsibility of the customer unless the product is received as a result of an eZone, Inc. error. In the event of an eZone, Inc. error, we will issue our Fed Ex account number for return freight. The customer will only use UPSP Priority Mail with Delivery confirmation as the return method. If the customer uses Fed Ex Standard Overnight or Priority Overnight Service, the difference in cost will be billed to the customer's credit card. eZone, Inc. will pay the freight charges when replacing defective items.

Replacements, Credit or Refunds

For returned items not working properly.
A replacement item, credit or refund will be issued for products returned with an approved RMA when the merchandise is received. A credit invoice will be emailed (or mailed) to the customer in approximately ten business days from receipt of the merchandise. All RMA's issued for defective items will receive replacement item, full credit or refund, including shipping charges upon testing and confirmation of the defect.

Apple Refurbished or 3rd Party Refurbished Apple Product
Apple serial numbers tell the date that it was released from the factory. With the number, RN9506FJHCL, the first letters are negligible, but the next 3 numbers, 950, tell that the unit was made in 1999 in the 50th week. It is under warranty until the 50th week of 2000. It is eligible for AppleCare until the warranty expires. (Check your local Apple dealer for actual AppleCare regulations.) Items beyond the original first year from the serial number are out of the original warranty and are either covered by an Apple 90-day factory-refurbished warranty or a 30-day 3rd party refurbished warranty. Any companies that eZone acquires merchandise from that does their own refurbishing is a 3rd party refurbisher. eZone, Inc. is considered a 3rd party refurbisher, too. Fortunately, since all refurbished and used merchadise is tested at eZone, Inc.'s facilities, the chances of receiving out of warranty, non-working merchandise is rare. All items sold on the Refurb Madness website, unless noted as unreturnable (usually software) work to customer satisfaction or we want to know.

For returned items working properly.
If the item proves to be working properly, there will credit for the product, less a 15% restocking fee and less the original shipping charges and return shipping charges. Other returned items will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

 For returned merchandise to be credited or exchanged it must be in original manufacturer's packaging with all components and paperwork. We will return, at customer expense, all merchandise not following these guidelines. We value our relationship with our customers. We believe this RMA policy will assist us in providing you with a set of clear guidelines that will allow us to maintain a high level of customer support. Please do not hesitate to contact eZone, Inc. for further assistance.

New, current software is replaced with the same title only if it is defective. This may be by eZone, Inc., the distributor or the manufacturer. Out of date/ discounted/used/basement software is non-returnable.

Sales Payment Shipping Return Mailing ListJurisdiction

Mailing List

eZone, Inc. cultivates and owns its own mailing list. eZone, Inc. will never sell its mailing list to any third party. eZone, Inc. endeavours to contact our customers who agree to be placed upon an email list in a responsible and polite manner. If anyone on the list is contacted in a manner that is contrary to our policy, please call 815/968-1108 or email janiewc@refurbmadness.com.

Sales Payment Shipping Return Mailing ListJurisdiction


Any disputes concerning eZone, Inc. will be adjudicated by local, state and/or federal courts located in the City of Rockford, the County of Winnebago, in the State of Illinois.

Thank you for shopping with the websites of eZone, Inc.

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